My Name is Asher Lev

"Ms. Potok gives a subtle reading of the torment inside Asher's mother, Rivkeh, a woman of great strengths and vulnerabilities. Rivkeh is at times stoic, frustrated, generous, despairing, proud; in one fleeting moment, she distills her troubled character in a private, heartbreaking prayer to her dead brother. It's quietly sublime."

– David DeWitt, The New York Times

Henry V

"...Naama Potok...with her regal bearing and impeccable French, is the stuff that dreams are made on."

Chicago Reader

"...Naama Potok, whose lovely, graceful, wide-eyed Princess Katherine of France comes equipped with charming manners and impeccable French."

– Richard Christiansen, Tribune Chief Critic, The Chicago Tribune

The Arabian Nights

"Potok is almost hypnotically involved in every moment of the storytelling whether she is directly involved in the action or not."

– Daily Variety, Los Angeles, California

"...the alluring...Naama Potok..."

– Backstage West

"...the king sets his sights on wily Scheherezade (Naama Potok)"

– LA Weekly

Mirror of the Invisible World

"The most consistent acting comes from...and Potok, which should surprise no playgoer who has encountered the work of these talented young ladies in other Chicagoland productions."

– Copley News Service

"Appropriately sunny...Naama Potok...shows the power of patience to overcome the fears of lovers."

– Chicago Tribune

"...physical strength and agility of...Naama Potok..."

– Daily Herald

"...and Naama Potok deliver a delectable blend of portrayals, ranging from playful and uninhibited to stalwart and sophisticated."

– Chicago Sun-Times

"Telling their stories with ample displays of humor and humanity, each of the individuals cast as the seven color-coded princesses...plays a variety of other parts to populate this wondrous, imaginary landscape...this gifted and versatile ensemble consists of... Naama Potok as the Greek Princess..."

– Press Publications

My Name is Asher Lev

"And adding yet even more color to this dazzling canvas of a production is Naama Potok...a fine actress in her own right."

– Huffington Post

God of Vengeance